Cell Culture and Cytometry Facilities


The Sinsheimer TC facility is open to any UCSC researcher. The Biomedical Sciences TC facility gives priority to IBSC investigators culturing stem cells . Flow Cytometry facilities are open to any UCSC or outside research projects.

Biohazard Procedures (BSL2)

All users must have an approved BUA on file and must fill out the UCSC IBSC and SSCF safety questionnaire (PDF) before doing any project in the facility.


All new cytometry and tissue culture users are expected to have taken the "Biological Agents in Shared Facilities Awareness Training" class, which is available through our campus Learning Center (login and "Find a Course" to search).

Please contact the IBSC facility manager to discuss your project and arrange facility/instrument training.


Cell Culture Facilities: Access to hoods in the centers is on a first-come use policy. If you will require a hood for an extended period of time on a given day, please make arrangements with the IBSC facility manager.

Cytometry Instruments: Trained users, please use the online scheduling system to reserve equipment.

Acknowledgements in publications

In all publications of research conducted in the Sinsheimer cell culture lab, please acknowledge the CIRM Shared Stem Cell Facility grant to UCSC (CL1-00506) and the facility number (RRID:SCR_021353)

In all publications of research conducted on the Biomed 4th floor (including the cell culture and virus room), in the vivarium, or using the LSR II cell analyzer/FACS Aria cell sorter, please acknowledge the CIRM Major Facility Award to UCSC (FA1-00617) and the appropriate facility number for the cell culture facility (RRID:SCR_021353) and/or the cytometry facility (RRID:SCR_021149).

Reporting Problems, Suggestions, Questions

To report problems or make suggestions concerning the Sinsheimer and Biomedmedical stem cell facilities, please email the IBSC Facility Manager. Please specify the issue in your email.