UC-Doctoral Diversity Initiative

Are you passionate about increasing the diversity of PhD students in UCSC stem cell labs?

Would you like to reach out to CSU students and tell them about your experience as a PhD student at UCSC?

Would you like to show your work and workplace to your family?

UCSC graduate students can apply to the two program initiatives below.

To allow time for these activities and other career building events, graduate students will receive GSR stipends for the spring and/or summer quarter.

1) Networking and Recruiting: Four DDI fellows will receive funds to a) attend SACNAS/NSBE meeting and b) to engage with California State University Students in conversations about graduate school. This program is planned for spring quarters of 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024. Details are below.

2) Family Science Weekend: Two DDI fellows will help organize a UCSC Family Science weekend, welcoming family members of UCSC graduate students who wish to learn more about their student's "life as a graduate student" (Summers of 2022 and 2024). Details are below.

1) Networking and Recruiting (details)

Four DDI fellows will receive funds (1 quarter Graduate Student support) to attend the annual national SACNAS, NSBE or similar networking event, to travel to one affiliated* California State University (CSU) to discuss their graduate school path and experience with California State University (CSU) students (Spring), and to host 4 CSU students for a science day at UCSC (* Monterey Bay, San José, East Bay, San Francisco)

Selected DDI fellows will receive funds for their Graduate Student spring salaries and benefits during engagement with our program.

a) Fellows will attend the annual SACNAS (October), NSBE (April) or similar meeting. To prepare for the conference and to increase ties to UCSC undergraduate students, fellows will also attend UCSC's SACNAS or NSBE chapter meetings.

b) In spring, each fellow will travel once to one of the affiliated CSUs to present a short talk about their research and about their path to graduate school. This presentation will be for an audience that does not necessarily know yet about the PhD path. One additional day will be spent at UCSC, hosting a group of 4 visiting undergraduate students from these 4 schools for a morning of science presentation by the DDI fellows, a common lunch, and a "shadowing" afternoon so that CSU students can see first hand how and where UCSC graduate students spend their days in the labs (maybe a campus tour can be included).

2) Family Science Weekend (details)

Two DDI fellows (summer Graduate Student support) will help plan and organize our inaugural UCSC Family Science Weekend (Fall of 2022, with a second event planned for 2024).

Family members, especially those who have not attended college or graduate school themselves, may be able to support "their" PhD student better if they can visit UCSC labs, attend short presentations, meet the advisors, and spend a social weekend in Santa Cruz. To "test the waters" for this program, UCOP funded our initiative to organize two Family Science Weekends in the upcoming years. Funds include travel and accommodation costs for two family members of 5 students.

With the assistance from IBSC staff, DDI fellows will be involved in planning this weekend, including the weekend activities, accommodations, and catering. All selected DDI fellows are also eligible to apply for their families to attend this weekend. (see HERE for the participant application).

Application forms and deadlines

1) Networking and Recruiting

To apply, please fill in the form below and send to: ibsc@ucsc.edu (subject: DDI-Spring). Please also ask your PhD adviser to send an email to confirm that he/she agrees to your participation in the program.

Application form (PDF)

Application deadline: Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Notification: Tuesday, March 1, 2022

2) Family Science Weekend

Application form (PDF)

Application deadline: March 1, 2022

Notification: Mach 22, 2022