Grant Writing Workshop

Dates for the 2021 Grant writing workshop:


Mon, Sept 20 (3:30pm-5pm): seminar

Heather Bell (Director of Research Development), Prof. Camilla Forsberg, Prof. Lindsay Hinck

This will be an in-person event in Room Biomed 300 (campus Covid rules apply), and we will try to offer a Zoom option as well.

Grant writing and peer review (IRACDA postdocs and optional for other UCSC postdocs)

Tues, Oct 12: Deadline for postdocs to finish grant application draft and swap with peers for editing suggestions.

Tue, Oct 19: Return peer edits

Tue, Oct 26: IRACDA postdocs only: Turn reviewed and edited drafts in for review by biomedical grant writer.

Tue, Nov 2: IRACDA postdocs only: Return of drafts from grant writer with comments.

Tue, Nov 9: Give re-edited proposals to fellow attendants for mock review committee (will assign partners)

Fri, Nov 19 (1-4 pm): Mock review session - IRACDA postdocs (and all other postdocs who would like to join) participate, led by Profs. Hinck and Forsberg.