Flow Cytometry Facility

RRID:SCR_021149 (please acknowledge in all publications)

General Description

The IBSC Flow Cytometry Facility offers multicolor cell analysis by a Beckman Coulter Cytoflex and single-cell sorting by a BD Biosciences FACS Aria cell sorter. The Facility is located on the 4th floor of the Biomedical Sciences Building and is available to any interested researcher.

We offer fully assisted cell sorting and analysis by appointment. The facility manager will work with new users on experimental design and protocol development. Users may become self-operators if they expect to use the Cytometry Facility regularly.

This core facility is supported by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) and the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3).

Users of the Flow Cytometry Facility are required to abide by all rules detailed in our policies.

New Users

New users need to turn in the IBSC safety questionnaire, and schedule a time with the facilities manager to discuss their project and experimental setup.

Cell sorting (FACSAria): Those users who do not anticipate routine work with the cytometer will perform all their sorts with the assistance of the facility manager, who will run the instrument with the provided samples. Users who expect to conduct frequent cytometry work (twice weekly or more for extended time periods) may request training to become a self-operator.

Cell analysis (Cytoflex): New users will be trained by Bari Nazario to use the Cytoflex.


Cell sorting (FACSAria): Users who wish to become self-operators undergo extensive training with Bari Nazario. After certification, self-operators are then provided with an account and login privileges, a key card for physical access to the room, and permission to operate the instrument without supervision.

Cell analysis (Cytoflex): After training, users will be provided with a key card for physical access to the room, and permission to operate the instrument without supervision.

Operator Support

The Flow Cytometry facility is open 24/7 for APPROVED self-operator Aria cell sorting users, and TRAINED Cytoflex cell analyzing users. Keys and/or Card Key is REQUIRED at ALL TIMES to access the building and laboratory. Please contact the facility manager for a card key.

We offer operator support, by appointment, for people who need to schedule their FACS and Cytoflex times outside the normal staff hours. We cannot guarantee that every request can be accommodated, particularly on short notice. To request an operator appointment, please contact the IBSC facility manager. Include information about the instrument and times that would work for you, and include a good telephone contact number.

Acknowledgements in publications

In all publications of research conducted in the Sinsheimer cell culture lab, and research that used the FACSAria, please acknowledge the CIRM Shared Stem Cell Facility grant to UCSC (CL1-00506).

In all publications of research conducted on the Biomed 4th floor (including the cell culture and virus room), in the vivarium, or using the Cytoflex, please acknowledge the CIRM Major Facility Award to UCSC (FA1-00617).


Bari Holm Nazario

IBSC/SSCF Facility Manager


(831) 459-3980

Office: 450 Biomedical Sciences